Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Featured Color: Turquoise

Turquoise. Teal. Aquamarine. Whatever you call it, this blue-green shade steals the show.  Turquoise combines the calming effects of blue with the exhilarating effects of green.  It calls to mind tranquil tropical waters, vacation, and summertime.  (We could use some of those cool, Caribbean thoughts as the temperatures drop here in Iowa.)  Named by Pantone as Color of the Year back in 2010, turquoise isn't going away anytime soon.  Plus, it's easy to pair with other colors.  Turquoise adds a burst of vibrant color to a neutral or black-and-white palette.  It mixes well with other bright hues like hot pink, orange, and yellow-green.  Or for a more toned down effect, stick with deeper blues or greens.  

Want to bring a pop of turquoise into your decor?  We've rounded up 11 turquoise items under $50 (plus a 12th splurge item!) that will add a splash of this oceanic hue to your living space.  

1. Mingle these gorgeous Aquamarine Sultan Canisters (ZGallerie) among perfume bottles on your dresser or vanity top.  2. Frame friends and family members in Aquamarine Mimosa Frames (ZGallerie) to display front-and-center on your bookcase.  
3. Add personality to a plain floor with this patterned Xhilaration Floral Rug (Target).  4. A Pantone Metal Storage Box (Dick Blick) is an ideal and eye-catching solution for corralling office supplies, accessories, and other clutter.  5. Swap out the boring hardware on your desk or dresser for lovely Aqua Rosy Knobs (Anthropologie).  6. Dress up your windows with Light Turquoise Vivan Pair of Curtains (Ikea).  7. Frame this Aquamarine Fine Art Print (Etsy, Kim Ripley) featuring wide open skies. 8. Accessorize your nightstand or mantle with the It's Never Too Ornate Clock in Teal (ModCloth).  9. Frame your sweetheart in this darling Teal Scalloped Picture Frame (Amazon).  10. For a punch of pattern, throw this Turquoise Pillow (Etsy, Kyle Taylor) onto the sofa.  Or, a little birdy told us that  this 11. Bird Pillow (Etsy, Melanie & Valerie) would be a "tweet" addition, too.  Both of these pillows would feel right at home on a Klippan loveseat covered in this splurge-worthy 12. Turquoise Klippan Loveseat Cover (Ikea).  We just can't get enough teal!

How do you feel about this hue?  And which of these items would you most like in your space?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

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