Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Inspiration Board: Cabin Fever


With autumn past its peak and winter nearly upon us, there's no better time than now to cozy up your home sweet apartment for the cold months.  And what's cozier than a cabin in the woods?  For this inspiration board, we pulled together natural textures, wintry neutrals, woodsy accents, and a few hints of sparkle to create a rustic, homey retreat fit for fireside evenings drinking hot chocolate.

How can you can get this look for your apartment?

1. Stencil "Welcome" onto a worn, wooden plank for an inviting sign to hang near your door.  Or purchase this Rustic Welcome Sign.  

2. Add creature comfort to your sofa with a pillow featuring the striking silhouette of a woodland species, like this Moose Oblong Pillow.  (A deer silhouette would be charming, too!)

3. Sip on your hot cocoa from a cute critter mug.  This little raccoon mug will steal your heart, but the First and Forest Mug is also available as a red fox, chipmunk, and squirrel.  

4. Bold stripes make this Catamaran Ivory and Charcoal Indoor/Outdoor Rug a year-round winner, but the warm neutral tones make for a perfect fall palette.  

5. Forgo the flowers and go out on a limb.  Decorate au natural by gathering a bundle of twigs and displaying them in a vase.  Or buy this Wood Twig Branch set.
6. Even a rustic theme needs a little bit of sparkle.  Fill mercury glass votive cups with tealight LED candles for a glittering effect.  We recommend lining these up along your mantle, bookcase, or dresser... or gathering in a cluster on the center of your dining table.  

7. Bring in a taste of timberland with beautiful wooden bowls.  This set of three is ideal for holding fruit on the kitchen counter, catching keys by the front door, and filling with popcorn on a cozy movie night.

8. Keep lots of soft, snuggly blankets handy during the winter months.  We love the chocolate tones and houndstooth pattern on this throw.  

9. Look to nature for simple, free decor ideas.  Fill a glass bowl with pine cones or acorns for an instant, effortless, and inexpensive centerpiece.  

10. Toss out the oh-so-boring white board and replace it with a rustic chalkboard.  It's so much more fun using chalk to write messages for roommates.  

11. Keep an autumn-scented lotion within reach to keep away dry skin.  This Further Hand Lotion smells of olive, bergamot, and exotic grasses.

12. Replace your modern picture frames with something more rugged.  We love that this Rustic Silver Frame brings together a weather-beaten veneer with a metallic finish.  

13. Hang breathtaking fall photographs on your walls as art.  How tranquil is this Autumn Woodland photograph?  

14. Real or fake, deer antlers look elegant scattered across your mantle, dresser top, or displayed in a glass bowl on the coffee table.  

15. Swapping out your summery curtains for something more autumnal is one of the easiest ways to make a big decor change in your space.  These Farrah Floral window panels from Target come in a range of colors including black, brown, and red... but we love the subtlety of the cream and tan combination.  

16. Wish you could fill your apartment with your favorite fall scents, but not allowed to burn candles?  Bring in autumn fragrance with a reed diffuser.  

17. Old books look lovely as decor on your coffee table, bookcase, mantle, and nightstand.  Scavenge antique stores and thrift shops for aged books in colors matching your palette.  For fall, assemble a stack of brown, cream, beige, and gray.  

18. Vintage-inspired signs in neutral colors fit seamlessly into a rustic, vintage decor theme.  Hanging this retro Jack Daniels metal sign in the kitchen or dining room will please the vintage-fans, whiskey-drinkers, and men of the household.  

19. Keep clutter at bay with wicker baskets like these Deep Pole Handle baskets available in a range of sizes perfect for everything from books and magazines to blankets and towels.  

20. Branch out by draping a wrought-iron decorative branch across your fireplace mantle, dresser top, or headboard.  This bejeweled branch adds a bit of sparkle, too .

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