Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mid-Century | Style Spotlight

For our first Style Spotlight, we're featuring Mid-Century Modern.  Sometimes bygone eras make a big comeback in decor.  Dominated by warm wood tones, bold colors, and clean lines contrasting with curvaceous silhouettes, you may recognize Mid-Century design notes from Mad Men, oldies television shows like Leave it to Beaver, and even The Jetsons.  Retro.  Vintage.  Groovy.  Whatever you call Mid-Century, we've got inspiration for working it into your apartment decor.

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Love rummaging through thrift stores, antique shops, garage sales, and your grandma's attic?  Keep your eyes open for classic Mid-Century pieces like curvy chairs, streamlined sofas, and modular storage units.  But don't stop there!  Vintage-inspired pieces reminiscent of "the good ol' days" are available in modern day stores like Target and Ikea, too.

 (Images via: Left, Center, Right
Mix warm wood tones with crisp white for a fresh take on this 1950s-70s style.  Opt for geometric patterns, shag rugs, and crushed velvet that echoes a Mid-Century mood. 

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Stumped on what hues to incorporate?  Colors beloved by the Mid-Century include burnt orange, rich turquoise, mustard gold, chartreuse, mint, and olive green.

Here are some ideas for bringing Mid-Century design into your apartment:
Living Room: Geometric curtains.  Vintage posters and prints.  Graphic, colorful pillows.  A long, lean sofa.  Leather swivel chair.  Wire chair.  Round, dark-wood coffee table.  Vintage accessories like typewriters, radios, and sputnik-inspired clocks.  Colorful vases.

Living Room: A long, low credenza works great as a sleek entertainment center.  Hang vintage posters and prints gallery-style on the wall.  Graphic curtains.  Bold color.  Vintage accessories like old cameras and telephones.  Crushed velvet.  Tufted leather.

Kitchen & Dining: Crisp white contrasting with wood tones.  Mixing cool tones like mint, green, and turquoise.  Pop art.  Brightly hued appliances like a teal mixer and lime toaster.  Vintage canisters.  Fancy drinkware.

Office Space:  Bright yellow-green balanced with warm wood tones, crisp white, and shiny metallic accents. Vintage poster on the wall as art.  Geometric print on the modern lampshade.  Accessories and knick-knacks in bold vintage hues like orange, green, and turquoise.  Clutter-free desktop.

What's your favorite aspect of Mid-Century design?  The bright colors?  The wood tones?  The crushed velvet chairs?  Eye-catching pop art?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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