Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Things to Know: Etiquette, Pie, Pilgrims, & Facts

(via beckonmedia.)

Happy Thanksgiving!  Here's some food for thought.  We've rounded up four infographics full of Turkey Day facts you might not have been aware of.  Ever wondered where to put the sherry glass when setting the table?  Wanna know what percentage of Americans eat blueberry pie instead of pumpkin pie?  Curious to compare our modern Thanksgiving meal to the original Thanksgiving meal of the pilgrims?  Like rambling off random facts, such as how much the biggest turkey ever weighed?  We've got you covered.

(via CouponCabin.)
Click here to the view the "There's Always Room for Pie" infographic larger.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Haverkamp Property residents, employees, friends, and families!

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