Friday, November 16, 2012

Welcome to the Home Sweet Apt Blog!

Hello there and welcome to Home Sweet Apt!  Whether you live in Ames, Ankeny, Cedar Rapids, or the Des Moines area, Haverkamp Properties has a luxury or student apartment that's perfect for you.  You have a lot to think about when settling on an apartment, but with a wide range of pricing and floor plans, great locations, flexible options, and numerous perks... setting on Haverkamp is easy.  We want to making settling into your new place just as simple!

That's where Home Sweet Apt comes into the picture.  Your apartment is more than a roof over your head and a monthly rent check.  Your Haverkamp apartment is your home and we want to help you make it feel that way from decorating it and entertaining in it to answering lease questions and suggesting local hangouts.  On the blog, we'll be posting content throughout the week that inspires you to make the most of your home sweet apartment.

A rug after our own heart! (via Urban Outfitters)

'So what exactly do we bring to the table?  Decorating, lifestyle, renting, and hot spot content throughout the week!  Let's break it down:

Making Yourself at Home in Your Apartment

Expressing your personality and lifestyle through decor transforms an empty apartment into your very own home, but rental properties come with a special set of challenges.  That's where we come in!  Can't paint but love lots of color?  Not sure how to arrange furniture in your living room?  Need to maximize cupboard space or fit thirty pairs of shoes into your closet?  We've got you covered with decorating ideas that won't break the bank or your leasing terms, plus do-it-yourself projects for every skill level, budget, and lifestyle.  On Mondays we'll share our favorite decorating ideas and do-it-yourself projects.  And on Wednesdays we'll spotlight design themes and colors to use in your space.

Living Apartment Life to the Fullest 

Now that you're off to a great start expressing yourself in your home, you'll want to share it with family and friends in your life.  To inspire you to be the hostess with the mostess (or host with the most) we'll be featuring recipe round-ups, holiday content, get-together ideas, gift guides, cleaning tips, and tricks to making the most of your apartment life.  Catch these lifestyle posts on Tuesdays and occasional Thursdays!

Getting In-the-Know About Renting Basics

Have questions or concerns about being a renter?  We won't leave you hanging.  From fire safety to renters' insurance and pet policies to security deposits... You've got questions and we've got the answers.  Check in with us every other Thursday for renter-relevant articles and advice from our very own Haverkamp property managers.

Hitting Up the Local Hot Spots 

When we discover a local niche that we fall in love with... we just can't keep it a secret!  Coffeehouses serving up java treats?  Check.  Restaurants whipping up tasty eats?  Check.  Local businesses with great services and awesome deals?  Check and check.  We're on the hunt for the best local haunts near all of our property locations in Ames, Ankeny, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines.  And we'll be recommending them every Friday to give you something to do the following weekend!

There's no place like home, so make yourself
at home with Haverkamp Properties!

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