Monday, December 3, 2012

3 Wintry Decor Ideas for Spare Ornaments

We're loving wintry metallic and glitter ornaments this holiday season.  Besides just hang bulbs on your Christmas tree, there are many ways to use them throughout your space.  So round up your spare ornaments... we're highlighting three ideas that get us in the wintertime spirit!

Above, we strung ornaments across a mirror using twine. This nifty idea would also look lovely strung across a doorway, mantle, or over your bed.  Swap out the twine for fishing line and the bulbs will look like they're floating.  Or use brightly colored yarn for a fun, festive feel.  

Display spare bulbs in a dish or bowl as a centerpiece for your dining table or coffee table.  We used this gorgeous copper piece to display white and silver bulbs next to a star ornament, but a fancy dish or glass vase would also look pretty.  

Lastly, we hung ornaments from branches painted white and displayed in a metallic vase.  We love the wintry effect of the white, silver, gray, metallic, and glitter.  You could also do this with un-painted, natural branches for a rustic look or multicolored ornaments for something more festive.  

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