Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Snow Globes Using Blue Mason Jars

Over Thanksgiving break, I made Christmas snow globes with my two year old niece. We had fun making them together. It was an easy craft for her to help with and something we will keep for a long time. Once you collect the items you want to put in your globe, its pretty much gluing and adding the snow.

I gathered a few turquoise antique mason jars from Brass Armadillo in Des Moines- you can check out my trip with Jessica here. I knew that I wanted to have a more wintry-vintage look so we included mini evergreen trees and deer in ours. I found all my items at Hobby Lobby: fake snow, mini trees and mini deer figures. I also found two vintage deer at a thrift store in the antique section for $1. (What a steal!)

I love how they turned out! The nice thing about this craft is you can do so many options- change up the jars, add a snow man or Santa in the mix... the possibilities are endless.

Read more about our antiquing trip at the Brass Armadillo here!  And stay tuned to find out what we did with the rest of our antiquing loot!

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