Friday, January 18, 2013

Bento Boxes at Taki Japanese Steakhouse

For this week's Des Moines Hot Spot, we paid a visit to Taki Japanese Steakhouse in Urbandale.  Located at 2677 86th Street in Westmark Plaza II, Taki has been serving up fresh sushi and teppanyaki since 2002.

The word "taki" comes from the Japanese term for "waterfall."  A large stone waterfall installment greets you upon entering the restaurant.  Diners can sit at a traditional booth or table or settle in at the sushi bar.  

We loaded up on several delicious items from Taki's menu.  For appetizers we started with hot, salted edamame and gyoza (pork and vegetable dumplings).  We both opted for bento, which are traditional Japanese compartment lunch boxes.  The bento boxes came with rice, salad, sushi rolls, and soup.  I went with the shrimp tempura and miso soup while Haleigh chose the chicken teriyaki and clear soup.  

To check out the full sushi, lunch, and dinner menu, visit the Taki Japanese Steakhouse website or Facebook page.  

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