Friday, February 8, 2013

14 for the 14th | DIY Valentine's Day Wreaths

Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  Wanting to bring a little of Cupid's lovey spirit into your decor?  Or looking for a fun craft to do with friends or kids this weekend?  Yarn wreaths are inexpensive, easy, and irresistibly adorable.  Round up your friends, gather the children, or set a date with your sweetheart. We've got 14 do-it-yourself wreaths just in time for Valentine's.  

What supplies will you need?  A styrofoam wreath (available at craft and hobby stores), yarn, ribbon, paper/foam/felt to cut into shapes, poms, faux flowers, candy, hot glue or pins (to attach decorations).  

Above: This festive February wreath is wrapped with red and pink polka-dotted ribbon and accessorized with poms, pipe cleaner, paper hearts, sparkly hearts, and a kitschy little deer.  Precious!


Top Left:  Pink and white daisies plus wooden hearts make this wreath floral, frilly, and pretty all over.

Top Middle:  Not crazy about the pink and red combo?  Take a cue from this wreath, which was first wrapped in a cool gray yarn then accented with multi-colored fabric flowers, a bow, straw, and a sweet "xoxo" banner that will last beyond February 14.

Top Right:  This sweet and sugary wreath will also make a fine treat!  Just don't let anyone steal one of the heart-shaped suckers until the 15th!

Bottom Left:  Sometimes less is more.  This colorful and adorable wreath was simply wrapped with rainbow-hued, heart-printed ribbon and accented with a big red bow.  

Bottom Middle:  Lots of pink-patterned ribbon wound in the curls makes this wreath ultra girly.  

Bottom Right:  Create a wreath using kids' Valentine cards for a fun, festive look.


Top Left:  Love a shabby chic look?  Wrap a wreath in rustic twine instead of yarn, then decorate with feminine accents like light pink flowers, lace, and pearl pins.

Top Middle:  This super easy Instagram wreath makes a great gift for a friend or significant other.  Print off your treasured photos and attach them to a heart-shaped wreath.  Top it off with a red ribbon and melt their heart!

Top Right:  Pink and red yarn, felt, and tiny hearts make up this simple and sweet Valentine's Day wreath.

Bottom Left:  Create an argyle wreath by criss-crossing yarn over felt heart cut-outs.  

Bottom Middle:  Get away from the cliche pink, red, and Cupid by opting for a wreath more crisp and modern.  This wreath was wrapped in bright white yarn, decorated with turquoise, and accented with a wooden arrow through the middle.  

Bottom Right:  You don't even need styofoam for this colorful wreath.  Tissue paper hearts attached to a flat, cardboard wreath is as easy, cheap, and (surprisingly!) colorful as it gets.  We love how the tissue paper colors overlap.  

Unsure about how to start?  Here's our final Valentine's Day wreath in the roundup, complete with a visual tutorial on how to do-it-yourself!  

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