Monday, February 11, 2013

14 for the 14th | Think Outside the Heart-Shaped Box of Assorted Chocolates with these Valentine's Day Goodies

The best part about Valentine's Day is undoubtedly the sweet, sugary treats.  Don't you agree?  But let's think outside the heart-shaped box of chocolates.  With the lovey-day just around the corner (Thursday!), what better way to spend a Monday than whipping up delicious treats and snacks for your loved ones?  We've rounded up fourteen flirty foods to fix... like the chocolate chip oreo mini heart pie (pictured above).  Tasty! 

Top Left:  Macaroon strawberries-and-cream sandwiches are a petite and pretty treat.  

Top Middle:  Serve up a sweet breakfast of red velvet waffles topped with whipped cream.  

Top Right:  Show your health some love with heart-shaped fruit kabobs.  

Bottom Left:  Shake things up with a strawberry kefir super-food smoothie.  

Bottom Middle:  Put a little heart (literally) into your baking with heart-filled cupcakes.

Bottom Right:  Roses are red, violets are blue... and so are the blueberries in these mini pie tarts.

Top Left:  Play it cool with an ice-cream sandwich on a stick covered in sprinkles.  

Top Middle:  We're absolutely smitten with these "heart beet" pink deviled eggs!

Top Right:  Rice-krispie bar on a stick, made with love?!  Had us at, "Hello."

Bottom Left:  These Valentine's Day Jello hearts are too cute for words.

Bottom Middle:  Do something a little decadent: like chocolate candy bark.

Bottom Right:  We're crushing on these lemon mousse parfaits with piped jam hearts.

Lastly, here's (above) a real treat for the adults.  Fall head-over-heels (not literally!) for these cherry fizz cocktails.  

What's your favorite Valentine's Day treat?  

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