Friday, March 1, 2013

BBQ and Ice Cream Sundaes at Hickory Park!

Haleigh and I both celebrated birthdays in the same week last month.  So as we pondered what local establishment to hit up, Hickory Park came to mind.  A rustic, vintage, cozy atmosphere.  Mouthwatering BBQ.  And a special deal on ice cream sundaes for the birthday girls?!  We were sold.  Ames' famous and beloved Hickory Park is is located at 1404 S. Duff and serves about 15,000 guests on average each week.  

So what did we chow down on?  We started out with mozzarella bites as an appetizer.  Then Haleigh went with a smoked chicken and smoked sausage dinner with mashed potatoes and cottage cheese.  And I opted for my favorite: the cheese and jalapeno hickory paired with a side salad.  

Of course, we had to save room for our birthday ice cream!  The ice cream sundae menu at Hickory Park is extensive and exciting---it's so hard to choose just one sundae from the many, many sweet options!

Check out Hickory Park's website for trivia, the menu, and additional information... and give 'em a "like" on Facebook for updates that may lead to hunger pangs.

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