Friday, March 15, 2013

How To: Host a St. Paddy's Day Shindig

St. Paddy's Day is Sunday!  'Tis time to bring out the luck of the Irish, leprechauns, shamrocks, and everything green.  If you're looking to gather friends for a festive St. Paddy's shindig, we've rounded up some simple ways to add Irish flair to your gathering.  

Look the Part

1. Layer on the Irish flair.  A festive party starts with the host looking festive.  Scavenge your dresser for green clothes.  Go through your jewelry, finding all the green pieces.  May hit up the thrift store or pop some tags at Goodwill.  The more green apparel and accessories, the better!  (Going all out with a leprechaun hat is optional.)

2. Deck the halls.  But rather than boughs of holly, go for for garlands of shamrocks.  Pick some up from your local hobby store or make some yourself with some green 

Eat the Part

3. You don't want your party guests going hungry.  Load up on a hearty Irish stew.


4. Whip up some of the comfort food colcannon, an Irish staple.

Sweet the Part

5. These minty green crinkle cookies are "impossibly easy" to make.  


6. Put an Irish twist on a classic with these green velvet cupcakes.

Drink the Part

Not old enough for the green beer and Irish flag cocktails?
Try one of these instead:

Left: Shamrock Shake, Center: Cut out clovers to add to straws and stick into glass soda bottles. (Jones Soda, anyone?), Right: Make ice cubes out of green Koolaid and pour Sprite over it for a fizzy, green concoction.

7.  What's St. Paddy's Day without the green beer?  Squirt a few drops of green food coloring into the bottom of your pint glasses before pouring in your lager.  (Lighter hued beers work best, while the food coloring will really only turn the foam green in darker beers.)

8.  Not a beer fan---green or otherwise?  Make your own homemade Irish cream, then use it to create tasty Irish flag cocktails.  

How are you ringing in St. Paddy's Day?  

Are you just sticking with wearing green and pinching those who don't?  Or are you going all out with some festive shenanigans? 

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