Friday, March 29, 2013

5-Step Spring Cleaning + 10 Tricks

It's that time of year again.  Time to open the windows, leave your coat at home, slip into a pair of shorts, and clean your apartment from floor to ceiling.  Wait... what?!  Spring cleaning!  Maybe the first springtime breeze urges you to do it.  Maybe you've just been cooped up too long.  Or you're just tired of the mess.  Perhaps you avoid cleaning altogether.  

Love it or hate it, spring cleaning can be very kind to your health, mind, budget, and move-out time.  Get rid of those germs to avoid any spring cold.  Put your mind at ease by de-cluttering.  Sell or consign unwanted items and clothing.  And get a jump-start on your move-out cleaning so that you'll do a little less when that date rolls around.

Glitter Guide compiled a fantastic 5-step program to spring cleaning your apartment in just one day!  Breaking it down into five easy steps and building a portable cleaning kit to carry from room to room makes spring cleaning a whole lot less intimidating.  Check out the guide below:

See?  Not so bad!  It'll be so worth it when you get to add fresh flowers and light a candle at the end of your day in your freshly cleaned apartment.

BrightNest also shared their 10 Best Spring Cleaning Tricks Ever.  Who knew denture tablets, coffee filters, banana peels, and cinnamon could be so handy in helping you get your apartment spic'n'span?!  Check out all ten tricks below:

Now that you're armed and ready with your 5-steps and 10 tricks, it's time to hit the ground running... or, uh... the floor scrubbing!

Do you have any special cleaning tricks from Mom or a favorite blog?  Share them with us in a comment!  

Happy spring cleaning!


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