Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Desk Organization

Summer is the perfect time to get your desk in order for the next school year, or maybe even keep it organized for a summer job.  We’ve compiled some advise on how to keep your work space organized as well as some crafty DIY ways to do it.

Access Your Space

The first thing to do when setting up your workspace is to determine what exactly you’ll be doing with it.  Will it be just for homework, or will you be using it for crafts, and other projects? With this in mind consider how much room you have, including desk top and storage potential.  You may have to prioritize so your desk doesn’t turn into a big junk drawer. 

Sort, Sort, Sort

The next thing to do is go through all of your old papers and files to see what you can pitch or recycle.  Do you have stacks of old reports that are already saved to your computer? Save space and recycle your hard copies.  Be sure to organize all of your existing files.  Secondly, go through your items and get rid of anything that should be stored elsewhere.  Your desk is no place for random junk! For this reason it’s a good idea to go though your workspace at least once a month to reorganize the built up clutter.

Invest in Storage

Now that you have everything sorted through, it’s time to invest in storage.  This is where our crafty side comes out.  You can always purchase desk organizers that get the job done, but there are also tons of DIY options for creative storage. 

When organizing your desk make it a fun and inspiring place to work.  Having a clean and friendly space will make whatever you do that much more enjoyable.  Take the time to make your workspace your own. 

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