Friday, May 24, 2013

Hot Spot: Tommy's Salon

Are you tired of your hairstyle, color, or just need to treat yourself? Head over to Tommy’s Salon and be rejuvenated inside and out. The trained stylists there know exactly what you need to look and feel your best. Tommy’s Salon accepts Fun Money, and what better way to use it than on a new summer look.

Tommy’s Salon, located at 4720 Mortensen Pky (Suite 102), is owned by Michelle and Tom Doyle.  Michelle decided to name the salon after her husband, Tom, for the vital role he had in helping run the business that it seemed the perfect fit. Their vision for the salon is to provide the ultimate modern salon experience, but with the feeling of small town culture and hospitality.  The couple love making guests feel better about themselves, their look, and their life.

When you visit Tommy’s Salon be sure to ask about their Mildred and Manilla product line.  Founded in 2012 by Michelle and Tom, Mildred and Manilla offers All-Natural Cosmetic and Spa products.  They currently have a featured line of all-natural scented bath salts available in store. Mildred and Minilla will be releasing other all-natural cosmetic and spa products in the future.

Use your Fun Money at Tommy’s Salon today! Call for an appointment at 515-292-3435.  Walk-in’s are welcome!

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