Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Beige Not Boring

Beige is a tragically overused and misunderstood color.  Too often is beige used as a last resort, it's time to give this palette the attention it deserves.  Apartment owners listen carefully, knowing how to use beige properly can be the secret weapon in decorating your space. Most apartments come with a cream interior, be beige-savvy and design your space around what you're given.

Beige is an extremely diverse color, offering you a wide variety of hues, tones, and values. When using beige it's important that you pay attention to exactly what color you're using.  Beige is also called, tan, cream, khaki, and buff.  It's often associated with traditional styles but it's common in just about every style from eclecticy boho to modern.  Not all beige was created equal...it can come with light yellow undertones, pink undertones or be nearly grey.   The grey beige or "Greige" is the it color right now for neutrals. 

Tips for Using Beige

If you're looking for furniture or accessories in beige, GO BOLD!  Having unique pieces in a neutral tone creates interest and diversity without going overboard.  Get creative with the textures and patterns you choose.  Using bright accent colors can be a great foil to a calming cream.  Yellow beiges look great paired with yellow blues like teal or aquamarine.  Vivid reds next to a dark beige gives an elegant feel to any space.  Beige and pink are always good together and can be utilized in many styles.  Here are some examples of how beige can be used to create beautiful spaces.

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