Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5 Must Know Tips for New Renters

Start Early

No time is too soon to start searching for that dream apartment.  Begin looking a semester ahead of time and leave yourself time to decide.  Be on your game to find the perfect place early.  
Sign early to guarantee the apartment you want.

Take the Tour

Looking at the floor plan online just doesn’t cut it.  Pick your top 3 or 4 and take a look at available units.  Try to take a tour of the unit you intend to rent so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.  
Call our office & schedule a tour.

Make a Checklist

Before you go for a tour make sure you know what you want.  Create a checklist and compare your top picks. What’s most important to you: Functioning Appliances?  Amenities?  Pet Friendly?
We offer a variety of amenities to fit your needs.

How's Management?

Nobody wants to live under a lazy landlord all year.  Talk with some current residents and see what they think of their place.  Is the lawn tidy?  Are the hallways taken care of?  Find management that cares about their property. 
We provide 24 hour emergency maintenance.

Read the Lease

Take time to understand what you’re getting into.  Knowing your lease can make it easier for both you and your landlord.  Having trouble understanding all the legal jargon?  Ask questions before signing.
We will take the time to go through the lease with you.

Have any tips for first time renters? Share your advise and first time rental stories with us @

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