Monday, May 20, 2013

Style Spot Light: Bohemian

What exactly is Boho all about?

Bohemian is a term used to describe a lifestyle that is unconventional, artistic and free spirited.  The original Bohemians were nomadic people who traveled around Europe, earning the French term “Bohemien” or gypsy.  Their style is really to have no style at all.  It’s about going against social norms and creating your own personalized style. This makes boho decorating fun and easy, you can ditch neat and organized and create a space that is truly you. 

Although this style is about individualism here are a few tips and tricks to get that Bohemian feel.

Furniture: Anything goes!

Velvet couches and Butterfly armchairs are typical of the gypsy style, but any type of furniture can be worked into Bohemian design.  If you’re in need of furniture second hand stores are the place to go for a boho edge.  Find pieces that interest you whether it’s a great pattern or ornate details, anything goes. Already have a modern couch? Dress it up with stylized blankets and bright throw pillows.


Using wooden crates or metal piping to build your own furniture is another way to achieve a unique boho feel.  This is a great solution for style on a budget.  Put your own artistic flair into it by making your furniture, it doesn’t get more personalized than that. 

More is More

The busier the better when it comes to Bohemian d├ęcor.  Achieve an eclectic feel by using open storage and displaying your trinkets.  This style is all about you so don’t hide your prized possessions in drawers.  When decorating your space don’t hold anything back! Be reckless but tasteful. If you feel you’ve gone a little overboard, step back and try to create rhythm with color and pattern.  Even though it's busy and eclectic it still needs to feel unified.  

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