Thursday, June 6, 2013

Color Wheel: Mustard Gold

Mustard, love it or hate it, this color has made a come back. We’ve been swooning over the warm gold tone since Fall 2011, when this intriguing shade hit the runways with full force.  This color inspires a Mid Century vibe while still being modern and trendy.  Mustard is one of my favorite shades so I may be bias, but what’s not to like about it?

We love mustard for all occasions! Accessorize with this bold color with hints of gold on the walls or in your hair.  I love this color all year long, but it's a hot color for Fall.  So gear up with mustard colored accessories for when the leave start to fall!

Furniture looks great in this shade.  Mustard makes a great accent piece and is easily blended with many color schemes.  Go bold and go gold! 

Try pairing mustard with eggplant, navy blue, red, and all grays. You’ll get the vintage look you want when you pair mustard with earth tones and citron green, these pairs make for a cozy atmosphere.

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