Monday, June 3, 2013

Style Spotlight: Feminine Chic

There’s something lovely about softs hues, flowing forms, and light airy interiors.  This weeks style spotlight is all about "feminine" inspired spaces.  We understand that you can be feminine without being covered head to toe in florals and lace, so keep in mind this is a simply a style.  Here are a few key tricks to achieving a chic feel with iconic feminine design features. 

Soft Muted Colors

Color can set the tone for any space.  If feminine is what your going for try a pastel palette.  Keep the space light, layering off white or cream is commonly used in interiors, think walls, bedding, or curtain fixtures.  Just because it’s feminine doesn’t mean everything is in pink.  Any color kept soft fits the mood, try adding light greys to the mix.  If you’re bound and determined to use bold color, do it sparingly. 

Curvilinear Forms

When you’re designing a feminine space keep the forms free flowing.  Too many harsh geometric shapes can look rough.  Think organic, soft forms.  For this reason layered fabrics are your friend.

Lush Layers

When you keep the palette soft you can pile on the fabric without overwhelming the room.  The more the merrier then it come to bedding, throw pillows or curtains.  Word to the wise, pick and choose where to layer.  We love lush fabrics, but you can go overboard. 

We know feminine doesn’t equal lace and frill, it’s not as simple as that but here are some iconic features in feminine styled spaces: Lace, Velvet, Floral, Ribbon, Tufted Furniture, Ruffles, and Sheer Fabrics

Designer Spotlight: Rachel Ashwell

Founder of the iconic brand “Shabby Chic Couture”, Rachel has made a name for herself with her ultra feminine style.  Most of the images featured in this blog from the Shabby Chic site, where you can shop this style.  Her products are also in stores at Target.  Her style could be compared to your Grandmothers attic, full of worn treasures and delicate furnishings.  She began her business in the 80's by selling flea market finds and custom furniture covers.  Her love for beautifully faded fabrics and furniture is evident in her current lines.  Rachel had this to say about her reclaimed feminine style:

"A faded, peeling old dresser, a cracked white chandelier, a chipped metal trash can painted with roses. To one person, these items are rejects from the junkyard, to another they are a bounty of riches. Discovering beauty in finding new uses for the old and worn discards of others greatly appeals to me, there is no better place to find the faded and decayed, the crumbing and the scuffed than a salvage yard or flea market, garage or estate sale”.
Visit the Shabby Chic site here, and check out Rachel's blog

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