Monday, June 10, 2013

Style Spotlight: Masculine

When it comes to decorating, men usually get a bad wrap.  But masculine styled spaces can be attractive and stylish.  We've compiled tips to throw some class into your bachelor pad. Here are some items that will make your masculine interior pop. 
1. Neutral Colored Couch with strong lines 
2. Wooden Crate as an end table or foot rest 
3. Leather Lounge Chair
4. Fur Blanket 
5. Interesting Gadgets 
5. Geometric Throw Pillows
7. Flex Wood/Magazine Holder (check it out here)
8. Personalized Metal Flask
9. Faux Taxidermy (or real if you're into that)
10. Worn Book decor
11. Wooden Lamp
12. Caged Lighting
13. Cool Wall Signage 
14. Sleek Modern Clock


The colors you choose will set the tone for any space.  When you're going for a masculine style start with neutrals.  Taupe, tan, and grey work well for these spaces.  You can also use rich dark colors like navy blue, dark greens, reds, or browns.  Earth tones work well in a masculine room.  Warm rust or brink tones make the space more inviting. Keep your space full of rich hues.  


Going alone with the Earth tones, it’s always great to use natural materials in masculine style.  Wood grain is a necessity, it adds warmth and richness to the room and can be used in a variety of ways.  Hard wood floors, wooden tables, chairs, and even wooden wall paneling works well in a masculine space.  Think wood paneling looks a little to dated? Try playing up only one accent wall with wooden texture.   


The atmosphere needs to remain comfortable and casual.  Leather sofas or arm chairs are an iconic feature of the “Man Cave”.  Depending on the room leather can range from sleek black to warm chocolate or cognac. Pillows are a great sourse of texture, try using suede, wool, or canvas.  If those are a little too rough for your taste try furs or cashmere. 

When decorating a masculine space there are three things to think about, Quality, Comfort, and Personality.


The pieces you put into your masculine design should be high quality items.  When you’re furnishing your space look for aged items.  The quality of furniture has decreased dramatically over the last decades so go for a sturdy vintage piece.  Take note of the quality of materials you use, this is not a space for cheap knock offs.


Form and function are equally important when it comes to the furniture you use.  Couches and pillows should be full. Keep the space cozy with plenty of warm fabrics and patterns.  


Masculine spaces are very personalized with unique wall décor and one of a kind items.  When you’re looking for accessories find interesting pieces that speak to who you are.  Mix and match décor to fit your style and make the space truly yours. 

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