Monday, June 24, 2013

Style Spotlight: Modern

Modern design is known for its clean lines and geometric style.  It comes from the designers of the Bauhaus School of Design in Germany around 1930.  Bauhaus Designers believed that form should follow function; in other words design should be simplified.  This is why modern interiors appear clean and uncluttered.  There are no ornate details just simple, sophisticated designs. 

When you’re putting together a modern room it’s important to think of the emptiness as an element.  It’s the opposite of what we tend to do.  We see a bare room and we want to fill it.  Resist the urge! To achieve a clean look it’s important not to clutter the space with too much furniture or personal trinkets.  using light neutral colors will help keep the room looking open and spacious.


When deciding on furniture it’s important to keep modern design principles in mind. Geometrical pieces work well for these spaces.  Try contrasting straight rectangular couches with circular coffee tables or accessories. Don’t use over stuffed chairs or too many throw pillows remember to keep it simple.


Modern interiors favor a neutral color palette.  White walls are typical and give the room a very spacious and clean feeling.  It’s common for the furnishings and accessories to be neutrals colors as well.  Using neutrals doesn’t make the space boring, but if you’re a fan of color try using an accent.  Primary colors (red, yellow, blue) are the colors found most often in modern design.  Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong!

Art Work

Art and accessories are important in a modern interior.  Any piece you put in the room should make a statement.  Try using accessories that also follow modern design principles.  Look for sleek form and striking geometrical shapes.  The pieces you pick should complement the space without cluttering it.  Think minimal!

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