Monday, June 17, 2013

Style Spotlight: Nautical

Nautical inspired spaces bring the beach inside all year round.  Iowa is about as far from the shore line as you can get. Would you rather buy an expensive plane ticket or come home to a mini vacation everyday? I know which one I would chose.  Here are some tips on how to achieve a nautical style so the sea can seem a little closer.  


First things first, you need to decide on colors.  Think of the hues you see on the beach and stick to that.  Beige, white, and cream colors paired with a range of blues are the classic colors of nautical style.  Keep the color simple, accent color if fine but don't go overboard.  Clean fresh colors are the base in any nautical themed space, so keep it simple.  Red is a classic accent for a nautical room.  Red, white, and blue are the most common color combinations in nautical themes. Navy and white strips look great in nautical rooms but be careful not to use to much.  The pattern works in small doses and still creates a big impact.

Authentic Decor

If you're going for a nautical theme, the decor is straight forward.  Make it evident in the art you hang, think beach scenes, boats, anchors, sea life or light houses.  When your thinking about home decor go natural.  Sea shells are the easiest way to decorate a nautical inspired space.  Decorate your room with authentic decor like oars, lanterns, model ships or sea life sculptures.  These items will add interest to your room as well as make the theme easily understood.


Adding the right texture and fabrics to a space can help to tie in your theme.  If nautical is what you want, try crisp white canvas on couches or drapes.  It brings to mind the image of a sail at sea.  Another cheap way to add texture is to use a thick rope as decor.  This reminds us of sail boating and sea nets.  It can be used to tie back curtains or decorate a lamp or vase.  Think about incorporating other sea textures like sand or natural drift wood. 

These are great examples of how and where to use bold strips.  Notice the decor is dominantly natural, shells, fish, and coral are cheap ways to achieve a well thought out look.  

These rooms show how nautical styled spaces can be clean but also eclectic.  Sea inspired trinkets are present in each space.  You can go a little more litteral like the images shown at the bottom.  Their creative use of oars, and other authentic accents tie the entire design together.  

Do you have any great nautical themed spaces? Email them to us for a chance to be featured! 

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