Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Care Package 101

Here's a great resource for preparing a care package for a loved one over seas or just a friend going away to college.  They are perfect for holidays or just whenever to remind someone you care. Here's a great list of ideas when your putting together a care package for your special someone.  Our list was inspired by Sheknows for more advice on making care packages take a look at this article.

What's good to put in a care package?

Sweet Treats

Care packages usually contain food or snacks.  If you're sending the package to a student think outside of the box.  Students typically eat off meal plans and that can get old ofter awhile.  Send your loved one their favorite treats, cookies, candy bars, or just snacks.  Or pack some healthy snacks for your college friend, let them know that you're thinking about them.  College dorms sometimes have shared kitchenettes so think about packing some non perishable items like mixes or soup.  Here are some common food items to send your loved one:

Beef jerky
Bottled water
Candy bars
Canned Soup
Cereal & Oatmeal
Granola bars
Brownie mix
Rice crispy treats
Homemade cookies
Ramen noodles
Pretzels or trail mix
Protein bars
Tea or lemonade mix

Consider giving them gift cards to their favorite restaurant.  It's easy to pack and a great change of pace for students who can't get out much.  


Sending general hygiene products is always a good idea.  And when flu season starts it's always a good idea to send preventive care items like antibacterial spray.  Think of other items your loved one might need of the regular.  Pack items like bath products, a colorful loofa, or fun new shower shoes.  Send them something to do in their spare time like reading material or an iTunes gift card.  Here's a good list of items to pack:

Antibacterial spray
Cleaning products
Hygiene products
New bedding items
New towel and wash clothes
Fun loofa
Shower shoes
Contact solution
Fun lotions
First aid kit
Air freshener

School Supplies

School supplies are a constant need for college students.  Think about sending your loved one some basic supplies before midterms or finals.  Get fun accessories like funky erasers, colored notecards, or fun shaped paper clips.  If you're not sure what kinds of supplies your student needs get a gift card to their campus bookstore.  Here are some school supplies that everyone needs:

Brightly-colored floders
Printer ink
computer accesories
Fun-shaped paper clips
Gift cards

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