Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Color Wheel: White

White is a powerful color, but often underutilized.  When we see a white room we tend to think blank, empty, or lack luster.  But if you know how to use white to your advantage it can make a statement. It’s important to remember that white is a color with a huge range.  Designer Benjamin Moore offers over 200 different shades of white, some with blue, pink, and green undertones.  White also has the ability to unify a room.  Harsh colors can divide a space where white "harmonizes the space and establishes continuity from one room to another".  Designer Suzanne Kasler puts it this way, " White white, everything stays simplistic and strong."

Keep it Warm

White could easily look cold and sterile if you pair it with modern furniture and minimalist style.  Don’t get us wrong we love minimalist design but it’s not practical for everyone to live in.  So instead we’ll focus on making you’re white inspired space comfortable and livable.  Rachel Ashwell, creator of Shabby Chic, tells us that it’s important to keep white rooms warm.  She suggests avoiding hard, modern pieces.  Instead look for fluffy cushions and distressed finishes for a warm and airy feel.  

White is Versatile

Do you have your heart set on one particular color but don’t know how to pair it?  Use white as your base, it can make any hue pop.  It also leaves room for you to switch up your style every now and then.  All it takes is changing out a few throw pillows! Or try a colored rug or a cool new art piece to completely change the space.


It’s important to add on the layers in a predominantly white room.  Look for different textures and patterns to add interest to the space. Using natural wood can bring warmth into any room.  Decorating with wood is trending, so much so it can be considered a sort of subtle print.  It brings a natural element into the room and softens harsh whites.  You can also add interesting fabrics, try finding tone-on–tone chevron or herringbone patterns.
See how Rachel Ashwell and the other Designers mentioned in this article decorate with white here!

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