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Housewarming Gift Guide

It's that time of the year again...unwanted furniture lines the streets and everyone you know is moving. Settling in a new location can be a fun change of scenery but let's not pretend it isn't a stressful.  If you have friends who are making a big move or maybe just moving across town, consider putting together a housewarming gift.  These are a ton of fun to shop for and can make a stressful transition easier.  You know what they say, it's better to give than to receive. We agree with that whole heartedly. Housewarming gifts are perfect for your newly wed neighbors, recent graduates, family, friends, or anyone who whose starting a new chapter with a new home. So what do you get new home owners? Well we've got a list of traditional housewarming gifts and even a few unique ones that everyone will love.


Wine and Accessories

Get your friends some much needed wine after a long day of unpacking.  Nothing goes better with wine than cheese and water crackers.  Think about throwing in a few wine glasses or a serving tray.  You can even add a fun flair with playful bottle stoppers or corkscrews.

Cooking Basket

In the hustle and bustle of moving it's hard to prepare a good home cooked meal.  Get your new home owners a cooking basket with all the ingredients for a romantic dinner.  Or if they like to bake throw in some artisan cake mixes with cute cupcake holders and baking accessories.  It's always a good idea to add some colorful dish towels and cooking utensils to the mix.

Monogrammed gifts

These are easy to find or make and are the perfect touch to make their new house a home.  You can find about anything with a monogram on it.  We suggest wine glasses, candle holders, napkins, or even custom prints to hang on the wall.

Fancy Toiletries

Bath products are something that everyone uses, at least we hope.  Pamper them with fancy hand soaps, bubble bath, or if you're crafty make your own custom bar soaps.  These are a fun and clean way to say I care.


Candles are always welcome in new homes.  If you're going the candle route, go all the way and get something nice, $5 may not cut it this time.  Candles are a great way to fill their new home with warms and adds a nice ambiance.

Something Green

Nothing makes a home cozier than bringing in a little nature.  Plants are beautiful gifts that will be around a while.  We recommend gifting commonly used herbs like Sweet Basil, Oregano, Lanendar, or Cilantro.  It's nice to have fresh ingrediants at hand.

Patio Decor

Patio decor is something many people may overlook, but is a great gift none the less.  If your friend are moving out of a 3rd story apartment into a home with a lawn this is the perfect gift.  Outdoors decor will help them build their home inside and out.


Games are a fantastic way to kick off a housewarming party and break the ice with new neighbors. Gifting games can help your friends make memories in their new home.

Tool Bucket

Everyone needs tools for little fixes or to hang decor.  Save them the trouble of constantly running to the store by getting them everything they need in one useful gift.  A hammer, nails, caulk, Measuring tape, Goo Gone, Elmer's Glue, felt furniture pads**, and an extension cord.  The possibilities are endless.

Entertaining Supplies

This is also a handy gift for housewarming parties.  Get them this beautiful chip and dip dish set from Crate and Barrel or a pretty carafe.  If you're on a budget Target has stylish entertaining sets for an affordable prices.

Unique Gift Ideas from Apartment List (it's an awesome site, check it out!)

Photo from Apartment List

1. Pink Flamingos - Once the symbol of trailer trash nonchalance, now the epitome of irony.  $18.46 for a pair on
2. Terrariums – Found locally or ordered on Etsy or more niche retailers like Twig Terrariums, a low maintenance splash of green will be a welcome addition in any hipster’s home. Prices vary.
3. Virgin of Guadalupe Scented Candle - Whether or not your friend is religious, the novelty of this candle is too much to pass. Found at dollar stores, flea markets, and Walgreens everywhere. Also available on Amazon Prime.
4. Backgammon – I dare you to get further from the mainstream. Game pictured is unfortunately a unique work of art by Ara & Jack Peterson, but games are available for as low as $4.99 on Amazon. Bonus points for picking up a vintage set at the flea.
5. HoneyJam, or Hand Pickled Goods – Supporting local makers is something hipsters do well, and handing over a jar of locally-made-something will be very well received. Prices vary, but you shouldn’t be looking at more than 10 bucks. Try hitting up weekend farmer’s markets or craft fairs.
6. Thrill Murray – A Bill Murray Coloring Book - Who wouldn’t want this? $18.99 on Amazon.
7. Gramophone Docking Station – For the eclectic music lover with vintage nostalgia but one who can’t bare put down his iPhone. $129.00 at Pottery Barn.
8. City Towel – It’s my understanding that even hipsters are bad about laundry. This hand drawn urban city scene printed with non-toxic water based inks on 100% cotton would be well received by any recipient. $15 online and made by a husband and wife team in St. Louis, Missouri.
9. Kitty Chia Pet – You thought I’d stop at the Pink Flamingos? $17.99 at
10. Wall Prints – Whether it’s a vintage poster of a band your friend likes, a geometric print, or a homemade Pinterest project, everyone’s got walls that need covering! This print by Tony Kuchar is not available for sale (womp, womp) but with a bit of Etsy hunting you’ll surely find something fitting of your friend.
11. Lawn Gnome – This little guy would be much more apropos if he weren’t branded as the “Travelocity Roaming Gnome”. In order to avoid any potential adverse reactions at the involvement of a major corporation in this gifting, in this case only I give you permission to remove all packaging before handing over said gnome. What they don’t know won’t hurt um. $29.95 online.
12. Scattegories – Just a great gift. $24 online or I’m sure it’s on sale at Target.
13. Air Plants & Succulents – Svpply is a great source of inspiration for what’s hip with “plants”. Otherwise Etsy or farmer’s markets will be a hit here too. Prices vary, but even with a cute little planter you’re looking at less than $20.
14. Coasters – These handmade wooden coasters are etched to represent starry constellations. $28 on Etsy, or you’re sure to find some cheaper ones that are equally rad.
15. Good Candle – It’s a soy candle, in a mason jar, made in Brooklyn. Friends, if this isn’t the hipster trifecta than I don’t know what is. Available at select retailers.
Have you given or received the perfect housewarming gift?  Tell us about it at

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