Monday, July 8, 2013

Style Spotlight: Cottage

Cottage style originates from costal and country cabins (or cottages).  These cottages weren't a main living space and were often decorated with old furniture from larger homes.  For this reason cottage style has an antique and eclectic feel to it.  Furniture is typically worn or recovered with slips and throws.  It's known for simple and casual design.  Find out more about Cottage Style decorating at HGTV.


Even though this look is eclectic, you should take the time to establish a color palette.  Keep the colors soft, use pale green, pink, blue, soft grey, cream, and white.


Cottage is a great style for recycled or repurposed furniture.  The pieces should be comfortable and casual but still eloquent.  When you're decorating a cottage style room look for items that are "well loved". Your furniture should be soft, comfortable, but also a little weathered.    


Floral print is common place in cottage style designs.  Think about throwing in a fresh vase of flowers to amp up the feminine feel.  Lace and ruffles work well in cottage spaces, they add to a cozy comfortable atmosphere.  The fabrics you pick out can be worn but stay away from tattered.  You're space should look cozy not dated. Feel free to display your favorite trinkets just be sure not to clutter the space.  Be inspired by vintage antiques, go to your local thrift shop and pick out unique items. 

Cottage Characteristics 

  • Slipcovered, overstuffed furnishings
  • Painted/distressed furnishings
  • Fresh flowers and florals 
  • Vintage or handmade items
  • Worn or faded fabrics
  • Carefully controlled clutter
  • Mix of patterns and plaids
  • Lace and Ruffles
  • Collectables
These are great examples of cottage style spaces by HGTV! 

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