Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Color Wheel: Black

Black may seem like a color that's best used in moderation, but that's not always the case. Think of it this way, you look stunning in your little black dress right? We wear black when we want to look sophisticated, so why not do the same for interiors.  Black can make the perfect neutral accent but can also stand alone. Bold and sexy, black looks good in all situations. Here are some dark design inspirations that we've found just for you.

Black + Feng Shui

Black color is full of the feng shui energy of mystery and sophistication; it holds the energy of power and protection. The color of night, deep waters and universal void, feng shui use of color black adds depth, strength and definition to any space. 

While it can convey a heavy feeling if used in large proportions, black color is a necessary feng shui grounding element to any decor. It can be used sparingly to emphasize other feng shui colors and bring strength and presence to any room. 

Use freely in the following feng shui areas of the Ba-Gua: North (Water), East (Wood) and Southeast (Wood). Avoid black in the South (Fire) area of your space, and use in moderation in the children's rooms, as well as in the main entry and kitchen and dining. 

Because black color brings the feng shui energy of grounding and stability, its best use indoors should be not much higher than the eye level (this does not apply to commercial or retail spaces.)

Being a Water element color, black can be a powerful feng shui cure to use in the North area of your space to attract career opportunities. 

You can bring it with furniture color, black and white photos in black frames, or a mirror (also water energy) in a black frame. 


Pair with Color

Black makes any color pop. You can go bold with a stunning red or yellow. Or try pairing it with another neutral like the Camel hue below. The brass wall decor is beautiful addition and bring a little shine to the space.

Mount Your Artwork

Use a black wall to mount art work.  If you have a great piece of art of even a decorative mirror you want to showcase, consider mounting it on an all black wall.  Common in art galleries, the black background will back the piece stand out while the wall fades int the background.

Classy Contrast

Black is a bold move for a bathroom, but these spaces are stunning! I love the contrast of the black walls against the white ceramic bathtubs. 

Black and White

Black and white is a timeless combination.  Be sure to think about what shades you're pairing.  "As with any color," say the designers, "you have to be careful what black you select and what white you choose as an accent; they too, have a spectrum. - HGTV (see the article here)

Paint the Walls

Every manufacturer offers black paint, but it's typically used for the front doors of Colonial-style houses, or for trim in old Victorian homes. But black can be much more than just an accent color. Cover one wall — or even a whole room — in black, and the result can be daring, dramatic and definitely sexy. 
The shade and finish of black that's just right for a given room will vary greatly with the light, says Sassaman. So, just as you would with any other color, try paint samples on the wall and examine them at various times throughout the day.
"Dramatic and Sexy Black Decorating Ideas" by HGTV
"Even in small doses, the challenge with black is to keep it from looking funereal," says Drake, author of Jamie Drake's New American Glamour

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