Monday, September 30, 2013

Color Wheel: Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey is becoming the go to neutral for many designers. It looks fabulous in both fashion and decor. It conveys a sense of sophistication and looks good on everyone. The psychology behind grey tells us that it represents peace and balance.  It's calm, subtle, and a reliable color for any occasion.  But just because grey is a safe color doesn't mean it's plain. 

Grey as a Neutral

Grey as a neutral can mean something different to everyone.  It can be dressed up for sophistication or casually comfortable.  Light shades of grey have a more feminine feel, while dark bold grey is more masculine.  Like any neutral, there is a massive range of undertones grey comes in.  They can range anywhere from pink, blue, lavender, or even green.  Blue or green tinted grey reminds us of the sea while pink or taupe undertones give off a warmer feel.  If you're thinking about painting your home grey do some research and test spots.  Colors change dramatically through out the day depending on your light source.  Our advise is to try out a few and see how they compare in the morning and night. 

Textures and Layers

When you decorate with grey consider the textures you're working with.  It's important to keep your room interesting by layering different shades and incorporating interesting textures or patterns. There's something for everyone when it comes to grey.  This color is a chameleon and can be tailored to any style.  Modern, traditional, minimal, classic, contemporary, you name it!  Find your perfect hue and break out of the everyday boring neutral. 

 Grey is the perfect background color.  With a range between white and black you have so many options to find what best fits your space. Grey is much richer that it's neutral counterparts. White, beige, and tan are common place in homes these days and tend to look cookie cutter.  Bringing grey into your home gives it dimension and a creative flare.  

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