Friday, September 13, 2013

Living Alone: Best & Worst Things

Making the decision to live alone can be a tough one. Maybe you’ve had bad roommates in the past or just want to fly solo. Either way there’s a lot to think about.  Living alone doesn’t mean you are alone, but it’s a big change of pace.  If you’re on the fence about living alone here are a few things to think about.

Pro – No one to annoy or be annoyed by you
Con – Living alone can be lonely

Pro – You don’t have to pick up after other people
Con – All of that mess is yours

Pro – No roommate to steal your clothes
Con – No roommates to steal clothes from

Pro – No one to share the shower with
Con – No one to split the bills with

Pro – You can stay up as late as you want
Con – Living alone can be creepy

Pro – You can eat whatever you want whenever you want
Con – Cooking for one means lots of leftovers

Pro – You can decorate you space however you want
Con – You have to buy all of that furniture yourself

 Tips to Living Alone

Find an Apartment where you can live by yourself.
Get a place that will be manageable to pay for and take care of single handedly. I might also be a good idea to live in proximity to community areas and activities. This makes it easier for you to get out of the house once and a while.

Schedule your time.

It’s easy to get into bad habits when you live alone. We recommend making a schedule for weekly activities and chores.  Plan time for you to clean you apartment so you don’t end up with a mess you can’t handle.

Learn to shop for one.

It can be difficult to shop for only one person. Have an understanding of what foods and products you go through quickest and which you can stock up.  Don’t over buy food you wont eat, it’s a waste of time and money.

Keep a healthy lifestyle.

It’s easy to let things go when you live alone.  Try to keep you space clean and tidy. Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Learn to entertain yourself.

It’s important to learn to enjoy your alone time.  Living alone is what you wanted so act like it! Pick up that book you’ve always wanted to read.  Start a list of classic films to watch. Have fun and enjoy your down time.

Don’t forget the people who raised you.

Just because you live by yourself doesn’t mean everyone else fell off the face of the earth.  It’s important to keep in touch with friends and family. Make time to get together and get out of the house for a bit.

Enjoy it!

Now that you live alone you can play by your own rules. If you want to listen to Taylor Swift on repeat DO IT! Nobody else has to know you’re feeling 22. Now that you’re all grown up don’t forget to have fun.

Do  you have any advise for living solo? Let us know! 

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