Friday, October 25, 2013

Hot Spot: Jethro's BBQ Ankeny

Our latest Hot Spot is Jethros BBQ in Ankeny, located at 1425 S.W. Vintage Parkway, it’s the perfect BBQ joint.  For those of you who don’t know Jethros was featured on the poplar foodie show, Man V.S. Food.  Adam Richman of Man V.S. Food came all the way to Iowa to attempt the famous Adam Emmenecker Challenge.  The challenge consists of made up of a cheese burger, applewood smoked bacon, Texas brisket, fried cheese cubes, buffalo chicken tenders, pork tenderloin, a delicious bun topped with a spicy pickle, and did I mention a POUND of waffle fries.  If consuming this monstrous meal in one sitting isn’t enough, you only have 15 minutes to complete the challenge. 
Try your luck at the Emmenecker challenge! 

Jethro's is getting rave reviews! Hear what people are saying about it:

What an incredible surprise!  I really didn't expect to go on a road trip to Kansas City and think that I would eat my best BBQ along the way in Des Moines, Iowa. 
 Chad C.

MAN vs FOOD was right! the food is pop'n 
Danny F.

hen Jethro's opened, I was so excited that there was a place (near campus too!) that I could get my BBQ sauce fix. I love the food here. 
Sara P.

Check out this clip from Jethro's Man V.S. Food! 
Read more about how Jethro's was started on their site here!
Jethro's is now excepting Fun Money! It's the perfect spot to sit back, watch the big game and have a fantastic meal.  Treat yourself this weekend to one of Iowa's Hot Spots and get some famous Jethro's BBQ. 

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