Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last Minute DIY Costumes

Planning out the perfect Halloween costume is hard with a busy schedule.  We've all got school, jobs, families, sometimes even all of the above.  But everyone want's to be something fun on the spookiest night of the year.  For all of you procrastinators out there here's a list of easy DIY costumes.  All you need to do is dig through your closet for the perfect costume this year. 
Where's Waldo? from Random Tuesdays
Rosie the Riveter from Random Tuesdays
Audrey Hepnurn as Holly Golightly from Random Tuesdays
Wednesday Adams from Random Tuesdays
Smurfete from Random Tuesdays

Little Red Riding Hood from Random Tuesdays

Cat Woman from Random Tuesdays 
Minnie Mouse from Random Tuesdays
Mary Poppins from Random Tuesdays

Lara Croft from Random Tuesdays
Instagram Selfie from Glitter N' Glue

Hamburglar from Always Roonie

Doll Makeup from LUUUX

Do you have any great last minute costume ideas? Email them to us at

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