Monday, December 16, 2013

7 Ways to Stay Snug


It's December, it's freezing. So how will you stay warm?

1. Drink.
Warm beverages will raise your core temperature. Relax with a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. When does a peppermint latte or chai tea ever not sound good?
2. Layers.
Hats, gloves, long socks, and more long socks. A good way to hide layers is to wear a pair or two of tights underneath your pants. They trap in that warm air and we love them for that. Just remember: Layer up on all limbs!
3. Exercise.
Most of us are cringing, or even debating whether to continue reading after seeing "exercise." In this cold weather? No way. But seriously, just 20 minutes of intense exercise can keep you warm during and after your workout. Get that blood flowing, you won't be sorry.
4. Snuggle.
Find a human friend or a furry friend to cozy up to. Body heat is the best heat. Plus, it's a little more personal that rubbing your face on the furnace itself.
5. Plug in.
A hair dryer. That's right, a hair dryer. Hey, desperate times call for desperate electronics. Quickly spot-heat your cold shoes or scarf before throwing them on. You could even shoot it under your covers for a few seconds to heat up your bed before hopping in. (Only for a few seconds, though. Fire hazard!)
6. Find fluff.
Whether it's a fluffy bathrobe to slip into after your shower, or a super soft blanket to wrap up in, find your fluff. Other fluffy stuff could be: wool socks, shag area rug, knitted infinity scarf, long cotton underwear, or a beanie!
7. Shower.
This seems like a no-brainer. But if you're feeling cold, a shower doesn't have to be strictly for cleanliness. Take a hot shower because it feels good and warms you up in no time. Apply oil or lotion when you get out; it's almost like putting on another thin layer of clothing.

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