Friday, December 20, 2013

Etsy Gift Guide

Gift giving seems like fun but when you really want to get the perfect gift for someone special it can be hard to choose.  Or if you're just completely lost with the whole gifting thing let us help you out.  We recommend you take a look at Etsy, an online artisan marketplace.  You can find unique, well crafted gifts that you just can't find at department stores. They have a wide range of items and price ranges so you'll always be able to find the perfect gift.  

Grace - Long White Bezel Stone Necklace on Gold Filled Chain - Simple Sweet Everyday Jewelry from Theplaincanvass - $37.00

If you were thinking about getting jewelry but just couldn't find the right fit for your someone Etsy's the place to look.  There are hundreds of handcrafted options that make for a personal gift.  

Beard Wax - ORIGINAL - 100 % Natural and Organic by Honest Amish - $12.95

This is a fun gift for any man with a fair amount of facial hair.  It keeps your guys beard soft and smelling fresh! 

Knuckle Ring Chevron Arrow from FunnyPeopleCo - $5.00!!

If you're just looking to get a little something your gal will treasure without dropping money on expensive jewelry this is the way to go. Mid finger rings are really popular and best of all you don't need to know her ring size.  These rings are adjustable so they'll be the perfect fit every time.  At $5.00 this stocking stuffer can't be beat. 

Geometric Pattern and Wood iPhone cover from BasementTwentytwo - $12.72

Trendy iPhone covers are a great option for your Apple loving other.  They have options for both men and women and come at a great price.  No one can ever have too many phone covers. 

 Leather Watch from WatchGraceful - $18.99

This watch has a unique leather band that adds a rustic touch, perfect for an outdoor enthusiast.  They have plenty of options for any style.  Take a look through the WatchGraceful collection to find the perfect watch to gift this season.

2014 wall calendar from Dozi - $22.00

When you're shopping for someone with unique style you can't just pick something out at the department store.  They need a gift as quirky as they are! Try this unique wall calendar or other awesome handmade prints on Etsy.  

Cabled cup cozy from CampKitschyKnits - $10.00

This is a perfect gift for virtually anyone, if you've ever had a hot beverage this cable knit cozy has your name on it.  Any knit items are great holiday gifts for that matter, socks, laptop sleeves, scarves, sweaters, mittens, the list is endless. 

Macbook pro 15" Retina Macbook leather from iLeatherStore - $38.00

To all you Macbook fanatics out there, this one's for you.  If you have someone on your list whose Macbook is basically a shinny extension of themselves this classic case is the perfect gift.  Not only does it look flawless, it also protects your best buddy from unwanted bumps and bruises.  

Manly Man - MAN SOAP Approved - Vegan & Gluten Free Handmade soap from BellCedarFarm - $6.50

Have your man smelling like Cedar, Applewood and Bourbon with this handmade vegan soap.  Perfect for the man and or vegan in your life.  Personally I thought this packaging is too good to pass up! Check out BellCedarFarm for more handcrafted soaps for all genders.  

iPad stand, tablet stand, recipe holder, metal iPad stand, dock from Petrifieddesign - $48.00

Custom iPad stands are a great gift for any iPad owner.  This stand doubles as a recipe holder, keep your tablet propped upright for quick and easy recipe reading.  This dock from Petrifieddesign is one of my favorites but if $48.00 is a little out of your price range, Etsy has loads of simpler dock options, some as low as $12.00.  

Pyramid Orb Air Plant Planter with Bevel Accent from OriskanyGlass - $35.00

This geometric planter will brighten up any space and look fantastic in home offices.  This plantar is hand crafted and a make a charming gift for nature enthusiasts. Air plant and gravel come included so there's no fuss over finding a plant! 

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