Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hot Spot: Maid Rite West in Cedar Rapids

This week's Hot Spot is Maid Rite West in Cedar Rapids, located at 621 1st Ave SW. Known for their heaping helpings of loose meat, delicious pulled pork, and tenderloins so big they make the bun feel inferior, Maid-Rite is definitely worth a try. It's got a small-town feel with a big-time taste!

Since 1926 our Maid Rite restaurants have been serving our delicious loose meat, fresh ground beef sandwiches, seasoned to perfection and served on a piping hot bun! Our Maid-Rite menu is made to your order just the way you want it! We are an affordably priced, quick service franchise that serves a delicious menu that just as our name implies, is Maid-Rite!
-Bradley L. Burt, President & CEO

Click here to check out the rest of their online menu. You could have Maid-Rites sent right to you!

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