Friday, February 21, 2014

Color Wheel: Yellow

How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.
-Vincent Van Gogh

Has this dreary winter weather got you feeling blue? Change your mindset to yellow! The following is a chart from Empower Yourself with Color Psychology that explains how each color of yellow can influence your feelings. You can visit the page this chart is from by clicking here.

Variations of the Color Yellow

 Light Clear Yellow  Light clear yellow helps to clear the mind, making it open and alert.

 Lemon Yellow  Lemon yellow promotes self-reliance and a need for an orderly life. This yellow increases our sensitivity to criticism.

 Citrine Yellow  Citrine is a superficial and fickle color. It encourages the serial relationship hopper, the teaser, with unstable emotions. This yellow can be deceitful and retreats from responsibility.

Golden Yellow This yellow is the color of the loner with an intense curiosity and interest in investigating the finer details of its interests. Golden yellow is sensitive to criticism.

 Cream  Cream, tinted with a hint of yellow, encourages new ideas. However, this very pale color can also indicate a lack of confidence and a need for reassurance.

Dark Yellow The darker shades of yellow indicate an inclination toward depression and melancholy, lack of love and low self-worth. Dark yellow relates to the constant complainer and the cynic.

Check out the items above that you can quickly and easily add into your daily life for a pop of happiness and a clear mind. Make sure you pick the right shade of yellow for you!

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