Monday, February 3, 2014

Travel Cheap

Whether you're a student, full time employee, single parent, family of four, or a combination of those, you might be starting to plan a Spring Break getaway. Here are ten ways to make that dent in your bank account a little less painful.

Fly cheap. Utilize budget airlines like Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz to find the cheapest flights. It may not be luxury, in fact, it won't be. You will get what you pay for, but you'll get from point A to point B for less dough.

Embrace exercise. Walk instead of taking a cab. Since it's free and good for you, embrace it! After soaking up some sun, take a jog on the beach and appreciate your surroundings. (It's true, the best things in life are free!)

Do some research. A lot of cities have free festivals or museum visit days that could be a great afternoon filler. Look for flee markets or live music shows - stuff like this adds fun, spontaneity, and variety to your vacation.

Buy a guidebook. Guidebooks are $20 tools for $3,000 experiences. They will educate you on what to avoid, what to look for, and how to make the most of your trip!

Use public transportation. If walking isn't an option and you'd rather not spend $40 on a cab, find a bus, train, or subway. Public transportation may not be the most convenient or the easiest alternative, but it will save you several dollars.

Carry on. Avoid having to check any luggage. Fees can be anywhere from $25-$50 per bag. Narrow down to your essentials and travel light! You'll feel less bogged down and spend less time in the airport waiting on your baggage.

Ask a local. Ask the locals where to eat. They will point you in the right direction (or at least tell you where not to go). More times than not, those hole-in-the-wall places have the best, most authentic food. And the most memorable experience! Also, eating from street vendors will keep your belly and wallet full.

Consider a hostel. If a cot is what you need, a hostel is what you should look for. This may not be a five-star experience, but it will save you money. Most hostels don't require a reservation, so if you're in need of last-minute arrangements, consider a hostel.

Wear a belt. A money belt, that is. Easily hidden under your shirt, a money belt will save you money by not losing it. While traveling abroad, thieves can spot tourists a mile away. Take the right precautions and you won't be sorry.

Find a grocery store. Sure, part of the fun of vacation is eating out and trying new foods. But if you're on a budget and eating for fun isn't a priority, find a grocery store. Stock up on granola bars, apples, and juice boxes.

Happy travels,

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