Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring

Today, Thursday, the 20th of March, is the official first day of Spring! It's also called the vernal equinox, and equinox is Latin for "equal days." The days aren't exactly 12 hours and 12 hours equally, it rarely works out that way.

Here's the most exciting thing for about Spring (at least I think so): THE DAYS ARE LONGER! Beautiful! What will you do with all the extra hours? Here are some ideas.

Find a new walking route
 - Explore outside with the extra sun that Spring allows.

Come up with a new "uniform"
- It's brighter and warmer! Switch some of your clothes out & dream up a new uniform, like blogger Gala Darling does. Check out her post about it here.

Plan a garden
- Fail to plan and plan to fail! Even if you can't garden, look up different plants that you could keep inside that are bright and fragrant or subtle and pretty in the background.

Spring cleaning
- Get rid of the clutter that's been sitting around or those things that you don't really need anymore for some nice free space.

Do you have any spring rituals you'd like to share? Tell us at

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