Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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Staying focused with beautiful weather at arms reach can be tough. Bring some bright DIY decor into your workspace to help you stay on track and give you a creative boost. Here are 10 low cost options for freshening up your desk or office. 

1. Upcycled Ombre Glass Bottle by Apartment Therapy 

For only $7.00 you can create a custom ombre vase in just 10 minutes! Add fresh flowers for a spring inspired workspace.

2. Upcycle a Thrift Store Lamp by Apartment Therapy 

This is a cheap way to make a big statement. Look for lamps at your local thrift shop and upgrade the shade at any department store. Go for bright spring colors to bring some visual interest to your space.

3. DIY Desk Organizer by Apartment Therapy 

This desk organizer uses plastic clothes hangers and acrylic frames to make an inexpensive alternative for desk top organization. Add a punch of metallic spray paint for a unique addition to your workspace.

4. Spring Desktop Style from Breanna Rose

Freshen up your desktop with free wallpaper. Designer and blogger, Breanna Rose, creates free wallpapers for your desktop, tablet, and phone. This is a great (not to mention FREE) way to make the workday a little brighter.

5. DIY Leather Mail Organizer by Design Sponge

This is a chic alternative to leaving mail scattered around your apartment. This could also make a killer DIY Fathers Day gift!

6. Chic Cement Pots by Zana

If industrial chic is your kind of style, these cement pots are the way to go. You can mold them to any container shape and get a variety of sizes for your indoor greens.

7. DIY Abstract Art Using a Spin Toy by Apartment Therapy 

Sure, you could just splash some paint on a canvas but where's the fun in that? Spin art is a great way to get a modern abstract look on a budget. Frame the original or trace in in Illustrator and blow it up for a pricey looking work or art.

8. Leather Valet Tray by Apartment Therapy 

This simple and stylish valet tray could be done in leather or felt. It's a great way to store papers or trinkets.

9. DIY Typography Artwork  by You Are My Fave

For all you typography fans out there, this is a great way to recreate your favorite quote. All you need if wire and string, yarn, or jute.

10. Modern Pegboard Shelving by Apartment Therapy 

Last but not least, is this DIY pegboard shelving system. It's perfect for housing your office supplies and let's not kid ourselves....pegboard is just awesome.

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