Friday, June 27, 2014

Indoor Garden

I don't know about you guys, but lately this summer weather has gotten me in the mood to do a bit of gardening. Unfortunately, if you live in an apartment (or just hate Iowa's heat and humidity!), having a big, crazy garden is just not really a possibility.

Thankfully for you guys, there are plenty of options for having a garden indoors.


The first step to having a really great indoor garden is to make a plan. You will want to consider some of these questions:
Where do you want to put your plants? 
How much light does that spot get?
How motivated are you? (AKA How much do I want to have water this thing?)


Before you run out and buy out a million plants, you're going to want to have a good pot to put it in. If you're going to get a succulent, you'll want a pot that drains well. If you're not looking for anything special, you can usually find some simple pots at Earl May or Target or wherever else you might go to get some plants. However, if you're looking for something quirky, I have a few suggestions below.
(If you don't want to drop a bunch of money on a fancy planter, you can make your own! Here are some cool DIY options)
The third and final step is to go out and get some plants! There are tons and tons of options, and what you get will depend largely on where you can put them and how much effort you want to put into it. Here are a couple suggestions:
  • Aloe Vera: Hard to go wrong with this one. I have had one for two years now. I barely ever water it, and it probably doesn't get enough sun. I even left it out in a thunderstorm and effectively drowned it, but the thing bounced back! (Warning, this plant could be a conspiracy, it can't be killed. It's like a zombie plant.)
  • English Ivy: I have absolutely no experience with this kind of plant, I just think it's beautiful.
  • Jade: AKA "The Money Tree." Seems like a good plan. Also very pretty and relatively easy to care for.
These are my favorites, but you can grow whatever you want. If you're into cooking, maybe try out some herbs. Just want something nice to look at? Succulents are easy to grow and easy on the eyes (ha, see what I did there?).

Happy gardening!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Style Spotlight: Transitional

I recently heard about Transitional Style, a style that was never talked about in my art history courses. Upon hearing about it I was intrigued and sought to find out more. Since it’s new to me I thought I would go over the basics in this article and learn more about the style.


Transitional Style in its most simple form combines elements of the traditional and contemporary styles. Geometric shapes from the contemporary movement are met with the elegant curves of the traditional, which in turn creates a clean, timeless, look. The two different styles compliment one another nicely to create one unique appearance. The style focuses on comfort and practicality to meet the needs of an active household. So while it will look nice, it should also be comfortable.


The color palette used with the transitional style is very clean and minimalistic, sticking mostly to neutral colors. White, taupe, vanilla, tan, dark brown, grey and black are the most commonly used colors, with the dark elegantly contrasting the light.


When filling the room with furniture you will want a nice mix of traditional and contemporary. An elegant looking couch with a contemporary coffee table works together great.


When decorating you’ll want to stick with simple contemporary or traditional accessories. Using glass, metallic, and stone materials compliment the room and add nice accents. So don’t be afraid to put up some mirrors and use furniture with metallic accents.


Adding some green to the room looks great, but keep it simple. In most of the examples I have seen there have been very small plants and flower arrangements located in a fitting planter or vase. You don’t want to over do it though; it should just be a nice accent.


The transitional style helps create a more open feeling room. The minimalism of the contemporary style and color palette help make the room feel more open. Rooms with large windows providing a lot of light are ideal for this style.


Overall this beautiful style will have both you and guest feeling comfortable and elegant. If you would like to see more there are some links below where you can look more into the style and browse furniture and accessories for yourself. Happy styling! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Color Wheel: Magenta

This color wheel was inspired the above video, Wayne the Stegosaurus. Hard not to be inspired with a dinosaur in the mix! 


Magenta is a violet-red hue named after an Italian city. This bold color was a favorite of artist Henri Matisse and probably also flamingos. A bit of an oxymoron in terms of color psychology,  magenta is thought of as both harmonious and non-conformist.  Whatever it makes you feel, magenta is a great color for getting into a summer mindset. Maybe think about whipping up some pink lemonade or hanging up some incredibly chic plastic pink flamingos! You can find a great magenta hued drink recipe by clicking here.

Friday, June 13, 2014

DIY Paintings!

Are your walls looking plain? Don’t feel like dropping a lot of money on some over priced art? Why not make your own masterpiece to hang up! With these do-it-yourself projects you can create your own professional looking paintings. These projects have step-by-step guides so they are all beginner friendly.

DIY Abstract Art from Oh Happy Day

First up we have diy abstract painting. This guide is very helpful and easy to follow. You choose the colors so this can go with anything you’d like. Depending on the size of the canvases you choose, this can all be done without spending too much, and they look great!

DIY Pixel Painting from Wit & Whistle

If you like the idea of abstract art but don’t have the ability of Jackson Pollock, don’t worry about it! Pixel painting is a fun and easy way to create great looking art. With photo editing software, pixelate a photo to the point where it becomes large, simple, squares. Using the squares as a reference, paint them on to your gridded canvas for a great looking piece.

Song Lyric Wall Art from A Beautiful Mess

This is an interesting project involving already painted pieces. Using old paintings, or a cheap painting found at a thrift shop, this is an interesting way to create your own personalized work with text. The site provides a helpful step-by-step guide  and some inspiration.

Modern Wall Art With Pain Swatches from A Beautiful Mess

Ok, so this last DIY project isn’t exactly a painting but paint swatches are involved! This easy to do and creative project involves just paint swatches, some cut out letters, double sided tape and a frame. This simple and beautiful piece will have people talking!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup!

It’s finally here soccer fans, the 2014 FIFA World Cup! The month long competition kicks off today as the host country, Brazil, takes on Croatia.  

It’s been a long four years since the last World Cup, where the current world champions, Spain, won their first title. The United States has had a promising couple of years since 2010, seeing one of the best teams in our recent history come together and win the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup. The question on every USA fan’s mind right now is how far can we make it? 

The United States is in arguably the toughest group of the tournament, with the highly ranked Germany and Portugal being the group favorites and the US and Ghana the underdogs. Only the top 2 teams from each group will advance in the tournament, so the US needs to start out strong in their first game against Ghana Monday the 16th

So who do you have winning it all? How far will the US make it this year? Let us know who you have in the comments below!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Color Wheel: Coral


Coral is a beautiful color that brings calm feelings and warmth. It is a nice mixture of orange and pink that creates a color similar to that found in coral reefs. Because of this, coral brings a nice beach feel to any home.

Teal is coral’s official complimentary color, and like almost everything else, it goes great with white. This summer add some coral to your home or wardrobe to bring a warm ocean feel.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy National Donut Day!

Fridays are already amazing, but today is extra special. Today is National Donut Day! National Donut Day is on the first Friday of June every year, making the start of summer a little sweeter. The holiday was started on June 7th, 1938 thanks to a young military doctor named Morgan Pett, who gave soldiers free donuts.

So no matter how you spell doughnut, go out and enjoy this great holiday by eating a donut!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Décor Projects

Having friends over for a get together this summer? Why not impress your guest with some of your own do it yourself décor! This list covers the basics to help your place create some sweet summer vibes.

Mason Jar Drinks from Put It In A Jar

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting around, enjoying a nice cold glass of lemonade and just enjoying summer. A mason jar makes for a great glass with a carefree feel to it.  You can get creative and put your own designs into it, or just keep it simple.

Branded Wooden Utensils from Tikkido

These give off a great backyard barbeque feel. The wooden utensils themselves look great and are an interesting summer alternative to your regular utensils. Branding these wooden utensils is easy to do and looks great!

Creative Planters from Brit + Co

Plants and flowers look great both inside and out of your home. Why not spruce up your planters with some creative do it yourself ideas? Your beautiful plants need a beautiful home!

DIY Lights by Lia Griffith

With this project your backyard or living room can have stars even when it’s cloudy. With some stringed lights and some paper you can create some really interesting lights!

Summer Songs From Billboard

For lazy afternoons or cool summer nights, a good playlist will always be appreciated. You can create your own with the help of your guest or, for those hot summer afternoons, just go with the classics.