Friday, June 13, 2014

DIY Paintings!

Are your walls looking plain? Don’t feel like dropping a lot of money on some over priced art? Why not make your own masterpiece to hang up! With these do-it-yourself projects you can create your own professional looking paintings. These projects have step-by-step guides so they are all beginner friendly.

DIY Abstract Art from Oh Happy Day

First up we have diy abstract painting. This guide is very helpful and easy to follow. You choose the colors so this can go with anything you’d like. Depending on the size of the canvases you choose, this can all be done without spending too much, and they look great!

DIY Pixel Painting from Wit & Whistle

If you like the idea of abstract art but don’t have the ability of Jackson Pollock, don’t worry about it! Pixel painting is a fun and easy way to create great looking art. With photo editing software, pixelate a photo to the point where it becomes large, simple, squares. Using the squares as a reference, paint them on to your gridded canvas for a great looking piece.

Song Lyric Wall Art from A Beautiful Mess

This is an interesting project involving already painted pieces. Using old paintings, or a cheap painting found at a thrift shop, this is an interesting way to create your own personalized work with text. The site provides a helpful step-by-step guide  and some inspiration.

Modern Wall Art With Pain Swatches from A Beautiful Mess

Ok, so this last DIY project isn’t exactly a painting but paint swatches are involved! This easy to do and creative project involves just paint swatches, some cut out letters, double sided tape and a frame. This simple and beautiful piece will have people talking!

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