Friday, June 20, 2014

Style Spotlight: Transitional

I recently heard about Transitional Style, a style that was never talked about in my art history courses. Upon hearing about it I was intrigued and sought to find out more. Since it’s new to me I thought I would go over the basics in this article and learn more about the style.


Transitional Style in its most simple form combines elements of the traditional and contemporary styles. Geometric shapes from the contemporary movement are met with the elegant curves of the traditional, which in turn creates a clean, timeless, look. The two different styles compliment one another nicely to create one unique appearance. The style focuses on comfort and practicality to meet the needs of an active household. So while it will look nice, it should also be comfortable.


The color palette used with the transitional style is very clean and minimalistic, sticking mostly to neutral colors. White, taupe, vanilla, tan, dark brown, grey and black are the most commonly used colors, with the dark elegantly contrasting the light.


When filling the room with furniture you will want a nice mix of traditional and contemporary. An elegant looking couch with a contemporary coffee table works together great.


When decorating you’ll want to stick with simple contemporary or traditional accessories. Using glass, metallic, and stone materials compliment the room and add nice accents. So don’t be afraid to put up some mirrors and use furniture with metallic accents.


Adding some green to the room looks great, but keep it simple. In most of the examples I have seen there have been very small plants and flower arrangements located in a fitting planter or vase. You don’t want to over do it though; it should just be a nice accent.


The transitional style helps create a more open feeling room. The minimalism of the contemporary style and color palette help make the room feel more open. Rooms with large windows providing a lot of light are ideal for this style.


Overall this beautiful style will have both you and guest feeling comfortable and elegant. If you would like to see more there are some links below where you can look more into the style and browse furniture and accessories for yourself. Happy styling! 

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