Friday, July 11, 2014

Indigo Week DIY + Friday Outfit Post

Here we are at the close of Indigo Week. It's been fun, and if you haven't play along with us, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to join in on the fun! 

For this DIY post, Lance and I took a little break from our regular office duties to dye some stuff indigo. Ahead of time, I purchased two dye kits (which you can find online or in any store with a craft section, really), plastic wrap, and a couple of items for us to dye. The dye kits came with gloves and rubber bands, so if you get a kit that doesn't have those, you'll probably want to get your hands on some of those too. If you want to do a DIY and not break the bank, this is a great one. For all of the supplies, it cost about $15!

After that, the whole process is relatively simple. Follow the instructions on the dye kit (which for us meant filling the little bottles up with water and shaking to mix the dye), and get somewhere you can be messy. We chose the grass, but a parking lot or even a (tiled!) kitchen floor with some newspapers or towels for clean up if you're really brave.

Our kit suggested that we wrap things in plastic wrap and tie it off with rubber bands to dry, but I think this step is sort of optional. If you want something to have more of a tie-dye effect, then definitely use this method. Otherwise, you can just let stuff lay out to dry. We waited about 6-8 hours for ours to get dry, and even then they were still a little damp.  Just make sure that you give it ample time before you mess with it!

From there, dye away! We only roughly followed the instructions and it all worked out great. Anyway, if you hate how something turns out, you can always dye it more indigo ;)

Here are our finished results!


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