Monday, July 7, 2014

Indigo Week

Feeling Blue? Well stop, because it’s Indigo Week! 

Fourscore and a couple hours ago, two interns decided that the color indigo needed a weeklong celebration. Scholars and people who aren’t pumped about the color indigo have forever lost the reasoning for this celebration, but one thing is for sure; Indigo Week is a big deal.

It may not be Shark Week or Festivus status yet, but it will be. This beloved holiday gives the people of planet Earth hope and an indescribable liking towards the color indigo. 

What? Why? How?

Now that Fourth of July is over and past, the interns here at Haverkamp Property Management were feeling a little blue about the holiday being over. If you're feeling the same and want a reason to celebrate, how about you join us in celebrating a definitely not made up week of celebration?

This week, we will be wearing indigo-blue every day and featuring the color in our blog posts! 
Feel free to join us in the celebration, and send us pictures of your cool blue shirts, awesome made-up drink recipes, or whatever else helps you celebrate something that doesn't usually get celebrated!

Happy Indigo Week!

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