Friday, August 15, 2014

A Short Guide to Grilling

Summer and grilling are undoubtedly a great combination. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and make some great food. For the grilling pros, there’s not going to be much here you don’t already know, but for the starters we got you covered with the basics for a good grilling get together.

To get started you obviously need a grill! Some will argue that a charcoal grill is better than a gas grill, or vice versa, but this is completely up to you and what is readily available. Then you need to decide what you want to eat! Grilling is just like any other art; in order to get better you have to try some new things out. Try some weird recipes online, add some herbs and spices, it can be as basic or complex as you’d like. 

Some easy things to grill are steak, chicken, burgers, and hot dogs among other things. These are good foods to start with if you are new to grilling. If you are just starting, well done will probably be the way to go until you get better at judging the meat’s readiness.

Some other things you can grill are vegetables, buns (just for a bit to get a crunchy toasty bun), and even some desserts. I have come across recipes online for grilled banana smores and grilled banana splits.  

Grilling out either by yourself or with friends is just a great way to make a summer dinner. Some music, good drinks, and some outside games will contribute to the fun if you’d like to make it a little bit more. Just enjoy it, try new things, take advice, and grill!

 Happy grilling!

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