Thursday, August 21, 2014

Color Wheel: Black


The color black has always been popular. It is great for fashion, decorating, and countless other things. Although popular, some are afraid to use it in their own fashion and décor. Today we briefly go over the color and encourage you to embrace it!

Black, the darkest of all the colors, is the result of absence or complete absorption of light. Black is often paired with white since they are opposites and contrast one another nicely. Throughout history professionals, royalty, and government officials have worn black. Black has been associated with many things over the course of history, but more recently it has been associated with power and elegance.

Recently, black has become the color for high fashion. Because it is associated with power and elegance, you will find black on anything trying to make a statement including dresses, tuxedos, sports cars, and logos. 

Black can look great in the home as well, bringing the elegant high fashion look with it. Most modern looking décor focuses on the high contrast of black and white and works out nicely. Contrast is always needed to make a room really work, and black can help bring that!

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