Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Color Wheel: Emerald


Ah, emerald green. Some might think of this color as more of a St. Patrick's day thing, but with summer exploding all around us, the green seems just as fitting in August.

Emerald is most commonly seen in it's namesake, the gemstone. Shout out the May birthdays here (like me!) for having one of the best birthstones.

Green is the color of growth and rebirth. With school starting up again soon, I think it's a color that everyone can appreciate. Not to get too sentimental here, but school starting is always a big event for me in terms of starting fresh. A whole new school year to grow and learn and push myself.

That being said, I'm sad to see summer on its way out. All the bright green grass and warm days have been a wonderful contrast to the long and cold winter we had here in Iowa. So, here is a big splash of green for the end of your summer. Happy August!

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