Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIY Walls without Painting

Decorating your apartment can be really fun, but you don't want to totally mess up your walls with nails and paint. Here are our suggestions for ways to spice up your walls without ruining them!

Photo from A Beautiful Mess

  • Washi Tape: I love this stuff. It's a lot like masking tape, but with a smoother texture. I don't know that I would necessarily do a whole wall of that stuff due to cost, but they can be really fun to tape up posters or spell out something.

Photo from Designsponge

  • Tapestry: Now, none of us are living in castles around here, but a tapestry doesn't have to be wildly expensive and fancy. You can buy them off of Urban Outfitters and a number of other places, but if you want a more DIY tapestry, just get out a sheet and paint it however you want!
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  • Wall stickers/faux wallpaper: This option is way too cool. I am a huge proponent for blank walls, but I am completely in love with the all the different crazy patterns. This stuff would look so cool for a big accent wall, and it's completely removable!
Photo From Mother Magazine

  • Hang pictures: Now, one of the easiest ways to spice up empty wall space is to hang pictures. Whether it's your own artwork or just some photos, there are tons of cool ways to display photos. As for the removable part, try out Command Strips. Those things are every apartment dweller's dream come true.

  • Get Creative: The best thing you can do is to really think outside the box. What do you love? Put it on display! Antique stores always have cool things that can really make a space feel more unique whether it's a sweet vintage poster or even some quirky thingamabob. The key is to really get creative and experiment. Here are a few more suggestions for ways you can bring some life to your walls.
    • Antique stores: old doors, old windows can make really cool wall art
    • Paint swatches as wall art
    • The wall is your pinboard: tape up magazine cut out and whatever else inspires you
    • Hanging christmas lights

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