Friday, October 17, 2014

Simple and Clever DIY Halloween Costumes!

Have you guys ever seen some sweet Halloween costumes, and wonder where on earth you find something that awesome? Chances are, it wasn't store bought... it was made by someone! Here are some cool do-it-yourself costume ideas to give you that extra edge on your Halloween this year!

1) This is an easy one! Who doesn't love the classic Where's Waldo books?

All it takes is a red and white striped sweater, nerdy glasses, pom beanie, and one of those ancient film cameras, and you'll be so hard to find amongst all the other characters of the night!

2) Silent Film Star


This is for those lovers of vintage! Go with some black attire (dress, suit), as well as black lipstick and eye shadow. The black eye shadow will be used as blush. White face powder can be used as well. I would also highly suggest a classic bowler, or fedora for the males! And why not throw in a mustache and cane to complete the Charlie Chaplin look?

3) Mario and/or Luigi! From

You don't even have to be a gamer to get into this costume! Just find some old overalls, a train conductor hat, then add felt! You can also find some white gloves and a fake mustache to top off the super fresh Italian plumber character look.

With these three simple ideas, you make your own custom costume, and even save a little money while you're at it! Have a great Halloween!

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