Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Color Wheel: Orange



With October now over I’m sure you have seen your fair share of orange. Some of you may be sick of it after seeing nothing but orange all month long, while some may start to miss it as less orange means more winter.  Regardless of your stance on the color, we are going to give you some facts and home décor inspiration for Orange! (Sorry for mentioning winter. Hopefully the orange leaves realize their importance and decide to stick around a while longer with some nice weather)

Orange can brighten any room in your home and is a great accent color. Blue is orange’s complementary color, but orange can go well with quite a few colors. If you are looking for color inspiration incorporating orange, look no further than nature! The sunset, the fruit, flowers, trees in autumn, and so much more can be used as inspiration.

Fun Orange Facts:

The name orange comes from the ripe appearance of the fruit orange. In the English language there was no word for orange until the late 15th century. Prior to Europe’s introduction to the orange tree from Asia via merchants, the word had been yellow-red. The name the merchants brought to Europe for this tree was “naranga,” which somehow became orange overtime. However not everyone picked up the name orange for the fruit, in some places throughout Europe and Russia the name for the fruit was, and in some cases still is, Chinese apple.

Orange has been a popular color throughout history. It was a primary color used in ancient Egyptian wall paintings, used in medieval manuscripts, and is a sacred color in some religions. The color is associated with fun, lightheartedness, and entertainment.

Orange does have words that rhyme with it; those who say otherwise are incorrect. Blorenge is a mountain in Wales; sporange is where spores are made, and door hinge (this one is kind of a stretch as it’s not one word, but still) all rhyme with orange!

So there you have it, the color orange in all of its glory. It’s a great color to have around this time of season and any other time of year. Orange you glad you read this post?

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